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In today’s high-tech workplace, computer and office systems can create a maze of confusing cabling. Rewiring those systems can be a complex procedure, fraught with small expenses and unforeseen network or computer downtime.

Building Security Systems  wiring and cable specialists are expert in improving and restoring order to facility-network and cabling infrastructure. Services include layout, set up and termination of office cabling. All projects are guaranteed to comply with business specifications.


  • Network cabling, data and voice making use of Category 5e, 6, and 6A cables
  • Building or office cabling layouts
  • Voice and data troubleshooting
  • Upgrading or rewiring existing cables
  • Old cabling removal and disposal
  • Installation of any network hardware
  • Internet antennae or satellite dishes
  • Security through audio visual equipment and install


The National Electric Code (NEC), Article 800.2 requires all unused cables be removed from buildings to eliminate fire hazards in ceilings, walls, and/or ventilation systems.

  • When moving into a new building, the previous owner or tenant can be held responsible for cable removal costs prior to signing the lease
  • AAM is highly qualified in structured cabling and in effectively identifying exactly what cable and electronic parts should be removed from vacated properties


When cable tangles occur in electrical storage rooms or server rooms, operation and safety can be affected. AAM network cleanup:

  • Improves obsolete cabling infrastructures
  • Eliminates unneeded cabling
  • Ensures an effective, manageable cabling system

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Cabling data and voice services can save a business a lot of space, time, and money. In the digital and information age, you no longer have to get phone and Internet service only from a phone company.

Long gone are the days where the cable company only provide you cable television. Internet service is possible through many cable providers, but some of them even offer voice services that can substitute for telephone services, thanks to VoIP, or voice over Internet protocol.

Even with digital phone service like this, your business can still give employees their own dedicated and specific phone numbers.

By cabling data and voice services together, a business can save a tremendous amount of money. Part of this is volume discounts by bundling multiple services, but a huge element of cost savings.

VoIP is far cheaper on a per-number basis than traditional phone lines are, so this represents considerable savings for a business’ bottom line.

Physical space is also saved quite a bit too, as digital VoIP phone lines can run through a business’ Ethernet connections already used to connect all the laptops and computers around the office. This cuts way down on the number of cables that have to be run throughout a structure or facility.

Even private citizens at home in their own residence can get in on saving space and money, as many local cable television providers also offer Internet services to go with them, and a growing number are even adding phone service on top of this.

The speeds of downloading and surfing rival and sometimes surpass the best DSL speeds that phone companies can offer, and the clarity of digital phone service and signal is very clear in terms of conversation.