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  • videoIT and engineering departments stay up-to-date with the most recent technology and renowned brands to provide the finest security solutions available in the market.
  • Tailored planning and design services are offered to assess the unique requirements of both residential and commercial facilities, taking into account external and internal factors.
  • Our CCTV solutions are scalable for businesses and can seamlessly integrate with various advanced systems like access control and intrusion detection, ensuring optimal effectiveness and security

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  • Digital recording technology – including state-of-the-art DVRs and NVRs, offers top-notch security and a host of benefits, such as effortless integration with other security systems.
  • Remote monitoring – through IP-based video surveillance security systems utilizes existing corporate networks and the Internet for transmitting and storing digital images, allowing video data to be monitored from anywhere, anytime. This remote login and monitoring process streamlines operations, enhances efficiency, and significantly reduces costs. Furthermore, off-site video archiving enhances on-site security by preventing tampering with local systems.
  • Interior and exterior—Our CCTV solutions are designed for use in both indoor and outdoor environments, ensuring that clients receive the highest level of protection and security
  • Dome/matrix systems – Dome and matrix systems are employed in CCTV setups, with dome systems concealing the crucial camera components to make it challenging to determine the camera’s direction. These cameras boast a 360-degree field of view and come equipped with pan, zoom, and tilt functionalities, offering a wide range of perspectives. This efficiency in capturing various angles reduces the need for numerous cameras, thereby lowering the overall cost.
  • Covert and special applications—In addition to discreet dome systems featuring tilt-zoom functionality, cameras can also be concealed within objects like smoke detectors or clocks for covert and specialized surveillance applications.

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If you’re worried about safeguarding your business or home from potential intruders, considering video surveillance systems could be a prudent choice. These systems can provide an extra layer of security.

In addition to implementing security measures like deadbolt locks, you might also consider the installation of a surveillance system.

There’s a wide array of excellent systems currently accessible in the market. These range from systems that allow remote communication to those you can simply monitor, thanks to advancements in modern technology, making it more convenient than ever to enhance the security of your home or business.

These surveillance systems are straightforward to set up and can be monitored either by yourself or by a reputable security company like AAM, providing an additional layer of security for your home or business.

If you choose to monitor the system yourself, it can notify you whenever someone approaches your door or triggers a motion detector. You can then access an app to identify the person or determine if it’s an intruder. Depending on your system’s capabilities, you can either communicate with the individual or contact the police to check your premises.

Moreover, having surveillance systems can lead to significant reductions in your homeowner’s insurance premiums, resulting in cost savings for you.

Thanks to modern technology, installing video surveillance systems is now both affordable and efficient. The installation process can be completed in just a few hours, allowing you to enjoy the benefits without a significant investment of time or money.