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What are security guard services?

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A security guard is someone who patrols and inspects residential or commercial property against fire, theft, vandalism, terrorism, and illegal activity. They also monitor people and buildings in an effort to prevent crime. In a nutshell, they keep your property, your people, and your assets safe from threat.


Security guards services can include:

  • Protect and enforce laws on an employer’s property
  • Monitor alarms and closed-circuit TV cameras
  • Control access for employees, visitors, and contractors
  • Conduct security checks over a designated area
  • Write comprehensive reports outlining what they observed while on patrol
  • Interview witnesses for later court testimony
  • Detain criminal violators

Security guards must remain alert, looking for anything out of the ordinary throughout their shift. In case of emergency, guards may call for assistance from police, fire, or ambulance services.


Security Guards Responsibilities:

  • Make themselves visible

It is the responsibility of a great security guard to make sure he or she is clearly visible to those in the vicinity of the area they are guarding. Most criminals like shoplifters, burglars, muggers and others would reconsider if they notice a security guard walking around on duty. This is referred to as a “visible deterrent”.


  • Be on the alert and vigilant

A security guard will be on the lookout for any odd or strange behavior/event that could indicate harm. This is why it is vital that he have a very good sense of smell as well as excellent hearing and eyesight. For example, he might be able to smell a chemical leaking or a cable burning and know which direction the smell is coming from. He could also be able to detect when something sounds off or strange. The security officer uses this knowledge to stay alert and proactive in sight, responding quickly to any emergency situation with proper technique and procedures.


  • Act quickly in a crisis situation

A security guard must constantly be on alert so he is not caught off guard. He needs to know how to effectively respond to any number of dangerous situations. Whether it’s a fire, a natural disaster, or a terrorist attack – he has the knowledge and expertise to handle the situation quickly without question.


  • Observe and report

A security guard must continue to observe everything going on in the area to ensure that there is nothing else brewing and to prevent any more problems. After a crisis or problem occurs, he should report the details of the incident back to his supervisor, to law enforcement or the appropriate authorities. This helps the business understand what happened, protect themselves legally, and use this information to help mitigate it from happening again in the future.


  • Follow procedures

Security guards are sometimes expected to follow certain procedures and policies established by his employer, such as searching visitors before entering in a building or denying entry to visitors without a prior appointment. These procedures are well documented and each officer is fully trained on how to execute them without questions.


  • Maintain order at large gatherings

Security guards are often called to maintain order at large gatherings, such as political rallies, religious assemblies and even parties. This is to maintain the safety of people and properties and to prevent riots or other dangerous situation from occurring.


  • Receive visitors and guests

If a security guard is stationed at the entrance of a building or event, he is doubling as a receptionist since he would be the first one to greet visitors and guests. This type of work requires the guard to be approachable, friendly and willing to help.


  • Other responsibilities

Security guards are often asked to perform additional duties other than the regular ones they were hired to do. They may be asked to take phone calls, respond to email and text messages, run errands and and other related duties.


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